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  • 6/11/24 - Heavy Metal Detox, Male Birth Control, prevent Alzheimer's

6/11/24 - Heavy Metal Detox, Male Birth Control, prevent Alzheimer's

Check out this amazing Metal Detox, Male Birth control getting closer, an amazing sleep mocktail to put you down fast, a Fruit can ease Alzheimer's?

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This Weeks “Nuggets”:
- A Heavy Metal Detox plan - change your life
- Can this fruit really help Alzheimer’s symptoms?
- Birth Control for Men? How does it work?
- An Amazing Sleep Mocktail, get your Zzz’s

Today’s Need to Know - Detox

Dangers of Heavy Metals & How to Do a Heavy Metal Detox

Symptoms and even chronic diseases related to heavy metal toxicity (also called heavy metal poisoning) is now considered to be a problem that millions of people deal with. That makes incorporating a heavy metal detox into your routine from time to time vitally important.

Exposure to toxic heavy metals is believed to be a contributing factor, if not a root cause, of symptoms like low energy, mood disturbances and cognitive changes.

Heavy metals first enter your bloodstream from exposure to farmed fish, contaminated water, dental fillings and household products. These metals then travel throughout your body and penetrate the cells of various tissues and organs, where they can remain stored up for years!

How do you treat heavy metal toxicity? Following a heavy metal detox plan is one of the best ways to start reversing symptoms.

These metals include:

What’s Trending - Alzheimer’s Prevention?

For Alzheimer’s patients, eating pomegranates could help alleviate symptoms, study says: ‘Promising results’

Are pomegranates the next brain food?

The link between diet and dementia has been well-documented, and now researchers at the University of Copenhagen and the U.S. National Institute on Aging have found that eating more pomegranates, strawberries and walnuts could help improve memory among Alzheimer’s patients.

Those foods contain a substance called urolithin A, a compound created by gut bacteria.

"Our study on mouse models with Alzheimer’s disease shows that urolithin A, which is a naturally occurring substance in pomegranates, can alleviate memory problems and other consequences of dementia," said Vilhelm Bohr, affiliate professor at the Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Copenhagen, in a press release.

My Recommended Newsletter of the week. A MUST READ for all of you dog lovers out there!

Dog Life ScoopHappy Paws, Happy Life: Tips & Tricks for Pawrenting Success

Interesting Science - Birth Control for Men?

A long-awaited birth control option for men may be closer to reality

After decades of false starts, researchers say they are finally making progress on a long-acting and reversible birth control option for men.

The experimental product is a hormonal gel that men rub on their shoulders once daily. Over time, it blocks the production of sperm in the testes.

The gel was developed by the National Institutes of Health and the nonprofit Population Council, and it takes much the same approach as birth control pills for women. It uses two hormones: nestorone, a progestin, and testosterone, the male sex hormone. The nestorone suppresses the production of testosterone in the testes and, with it, the development of sperm.

But testosterone serves many functions in the body: It is responsible for muscle maintenance and libido, for example, and men need some in their circulation to function normally. The gel replaces enough to keep them healthy but not so much that they make enough sperm to get someone pregnant.

Researchers have been formulating and refining the dose and concentration of the gel since 2005. In this latest test, which included more than 300 couples, they think they got it right.

Health Hack of the Week - Trouble Sleeping, try the Sleepy Girl Mocktail

Can tart cherry juice, magnesium really help you sleep? Doctors weigh in

A wellness trend dubbed the "sleepy girl mocktail" is making the rounds on social media for its supposed sleep benefits, which users are attributing to two of the drink's main components: tart cherry juice and magnesium powder. But do these ingredients really have the power to help put you to sleep?

Though they do have some sleep-promoting qualities, Dr. Steven Feinsilver, director of the Center for Sleep Medicine at Northwell Lenox Hill Hospital, says the major effect of this mocktail is likely placebo.

"Anything that you might take that you believe will relax you and make you sleepy can do so. Sleep is very susceptible to the placebo effect," he says.

But if you're interested in trying it out yourself, "there would be no harm in taking this combination at reasonable doses," Feinsilver adds.

So what's the hype over these ingredients? Tart cherry juice does have a small amount of natural melatonin as well as the amino acid tryptophan, Feinsilver says.

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